BOLD on BOLD: How to Rock a Bold Eye and Bold Lip at the Same Time

You can wear a bold eye and bold lip at the same time.

Forget your grandmothers rules; there is no such thing as too bold!

Fall is around the corner, and after a natural, lightweight summer, we are craving some bold makeup!  There is a widespread myth that you can’t wear a bold eye & bold lip at the same time.  Whoever started that rumour was totally wrong and deserves to be penalized!

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between which look to wear; bold eye or bold lip? Why not both?! The key to rocking a bold eye & bold lip at the same time is to ensure the underlying tone of both your lipstick and your eyeshadow are in sync. Here, I’ve done a warm smokey brown eye with a warm cranberry red. If you prefer cool-toned colours, pick a red with blue undertones to match your grey smokey eye. Another tip is to keep the blush and bronzer light and natural. Your eyes and lips don’t need to compete with anything else on your face, and a clean, flawless base will help them pop even more!