Complete Sensory Deprivation at Toronto’s H20 Float Spa

Yesterday morning I was weightless, sightless, and soundless for 90 minutes.

You might be thinking, “What drugs was Sarah on? Was she in a coma? Did she have a weird dream? Did she go to outer space blindfolded?” No friends, I was at the H20 Float Spa in Toronto getting a healthy dose of floatation therapy.

What’s that, you ask? At the H20 Float Spa, you are placed in a pod for 90 minutes with 10 inches of water that has been saturated with 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt. This amount of salt in the water makes it absolutely effortless to float. In fact, it is harder to try and sit without floating then it is to just relax and float! I learned that the hard way, when I got salt in my eye and tried to sit up to clear it out.

Regardless, the floating sensation itself is very relaxing. I could feel the tension leaving my back and neck muscles, and was extremely calm during my float. I opted for a closed-pod experience, with the light turned off. You can leave the pod open, leave the light on, and even bring your own music to play. I chose the darkest, quietest, most isolated option. I wanted to have the closest possible experience to 100% sensory deprivation.

The air in the room is the same temperature as the water in the pod, so while you can still feel the difference between water and air, it is very subtle and not distracting. You are given wax earplugs before floating that block out all sound completely and also prevent salt water from getting inside your ears. When the light is turned off, it is very close to being 100% pitch black, but there was a little bit of light sneaking in through the bottom of the door.

I found it very difficult to let my mind relax. This is probably because I went first thing in the morning and had just finished a coffee. I tried to relax, but my thoughts were running wild! I ended up doing a lot of stretches (side bends while floating are super fun) and making myself slowly float in a circle. I also did a lot of pushing myself off the walls of the pod and pretending I was in a game of Pong (an archaic arcade game). Overall, I was able to relax quite a bit and do a lot of thinking, and I left feeling refreshed and limber.

Something I’ve got to make note of is that the salt is intense. It stings if you get it in any open lesions you might have (I had a paper cut that was irritated the whole time) so you are supposed to put vaseline on them before you go in (I obviously neglected to do that). While you are in the tub, the salt makes your skin feel extremely slippery and like it’s coated in a layer of slime, but in a good way. You shower before you get in the water, and then again after you get out. The spa provides some fantastic smelling body wash and a great shampoo/conditioner to use.

To wrap up the awesome experience, you are given a cold water bottle, a delightful ginger tea, and a piece of dark chocolate when you get out of the float. The whole experience was very luxurious and I felt truly pampered when I left the spa.

The Toronto H2O Float Spa currently has their summer special on: a regular priced float is $89.00, but right now you can get the full experience for only $59.00. I highly recommend checking it out! Take a peek at the gallery below and then go book your own float appointment.

H20 Float Spa